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Limo Hire Etiquette

March 7, 2014 Posted by citylimos - No Comments

Hiring a limousine can be a great experience. They are great for weddings, anniversaries, or any other special occasion that you may have planned. Even though you are paying for your limo hire Birmingham experience, there are a few etiquette rules to remember to ensure that your experience is the best it can be.

1.Respect Safety Limits Safety rules are set for a good reason. There are certain laws that must be followed regarding the number of passengers that a limo can carry. Respecting this limit will make sure that the renting party and the limo company gets off on the right foot. Some even suggest renting a limo with a higher passenger capacity than the number of people in the renting party. It makes for a more comfortable ride if each passenger has a little more room for themselves.

2. Remember all basic government laws still apply inside the limo Drug use, underage drinking, and even standing through the sunroof can get the customer in trouble. Also, most limousines do not allow passengers to smoke. By avoiding breaking the law, you will not put the limo driver in an awkward position. Remember that many limousine companies have policies stating that a customer’s ride can be terminated at any time if the customer does not obey the rules. There isn’t usually a refund either.

3. Respect the Limousine and the Driver The companies income comes from its limousines, so it is obviously best if the customer does not trash it. These vehicles are expensive for the company to buy, and by sharing it with you they expect a little respect for their commodity in return. Also, respect the driver. Try not to place them in any uncomfortable circumstances. Also, remember that whether the privacy window is up or down is usually at the discretion of the driver, not the customer.

Practical Rules to Follow

4. Do Not Leave Your Personal Items This etiquette rule is more to the customer’s benefit than the rental company. Limousine companies usually make it very clear that they are not responsible for any item left in the vehicle during or after your renting experience. If you don’t wish to lose it, bring it with you.

5. Tip Your Driver Your chauffeur is with you all night. It is good to show them your appreciation for their work. It is customary to give drivers a gratuity of 15 – 20%. A good idea is to put it in an envelope and give it to the driver at the end of the night.

Remember, being chauffeured in a limousine can be a great experience, but only if you follow the etiquette that creates respect between you and the rental company. Follow these five rules and your limousine hire experience will be wonderful.