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3 reasons to avoid very cheap limo hire in Birmingham

July 31, 2017 Posted by citylimos - No Comments

When looking for limo hire it can be easy to fall into marketing traps. For example, it’s best to beware of someone who suddenly claims to offer cheap limo hire in Birmingham as opposed to a reputable firm that continually offers great value limo hire in Birmingham. There are three very important reasons why ‘cheap’ doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best value for money. 

1. Older vehicles

If a company charges less, the chances are they aren’t putting money aside for the upkeep of the vehicles. No one wants their ‘travelling in style’ experience to be ruined by an old limo that doesn’t look as impressive, that sounds terrible and that could end up being very unreliable. Even if the limos look great in the photos, you must be aware that pictures can be misleading, especially if they were taken way back when the limos were new. It doesn’t mean they’re still in great condition!

 2. No added extras

To keep prices low you may find that your ride doesn’t include certain expected extras such as drinks or balloons. It’s always worth comparing companies to see who offers the most for their price. You don’t want to have to shell out for additional extras on top of the limo hire or, worst of all, not even realise until the limo arrives and it’s too late to arrange alternatives. 

3. Only half an experience

Most limo services offer much more than a simple pick up and drop off. That’s what a taxi’s for! Your limo hire should include cruise time so that you can enjoy the luxury, take lots of photos, make memories and even show off a little! They should also allow you time to take photos outside of the limo so that your memories can be captured forever. With cheaper hire options you may be disappointed to find that you really do only receive a very basic experience. 

When it comes to limo hire, it is of course always worth shopping around for the best deal, but don’t forget that when you’re looking for an experience of a life time, cheap isn’t always best.